Terms of use

Auto Renewing Subscriptions

Before purchasing a subscription, you should know the following:


There isn’t a thing that ADSweeper can’t do when it comes down to blocking annoying ads. It blocks every single ad that may be harmful for you and keeps you from malware infections. All of this is done in just a few taps, so you can get back to work right away. ADSweeper is also compatible with all of the popular browsers, so you don’t have to install anything new.

What does that mean?

Our app is free for any user that uses our services. Before you start using our app, make sure that you agree with everything written in terms of us.

Is ADSweeper really free to use?

Yes. Because ADSweeper is an open source project, it’s free for absolutely everyone.

Non-permitted use of ADSweeper

Before using ADSweeper on a certain website, be sure to study the rules of the website, because some of them don’t allow using ad blockers. This is totally fine if the website is trustworthy, because there are also unharmful ads. By showing you ads, they make money on it and invest in the future of the website.

What are Acceptable Ads?

Acceptable ads are the ones that are totally normal and safe. They don’t make your device lag and don’t redirect you to malicious sites. They can be even useful for some of the people. However, if you feel like you don’t to watch any ads at all, then you can turn it off.

ADSweeper and acceptable ads:

What if ADSweeper doesn’t work the way it should?

We don’t provide you any guarantees that ADSweeper will block 100% of the ads, and that it will be secure and error-free at all times. You use all of our services at own your risk. One other thing is you won’t be able to use some of the websites at times, if we feel like the website contains too many insecure ads that may hurt your device.

Additional Information

Our terms of use can be changed at any given time, so be sure to check it out in the future. You can take a closer look on our terms of use on our official website. Legal department can also provide you with a copy. We will inform you whenever we are planning to make changes to our terms of use. It will happen at least one month before new changes take place, so you can study it once again and see if you agree with all of the changes.